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Monday, September 20, 2010

Adam Lambert

Dear Mr. Lambert.

We all know you are gay.
You really didn't even have to tell us (but at least you didn't deny it for years like Mr. Aiken did).
Yes, yes, you were trying to make a point that one night on that awards show when you had that bj simulation thing happening. But...kissing is way hotter than outright sex and makes more of a point than just boning someone.
And...even though I hate to even say this, you do have a fantastic voice, which is overshadowed by your incessant need to try and shock everyone around you.
And now you are reported attacking a paparazzo. Imagine my surprise when I read it was a slap fest. Then you twitter an apology for wearing that ridiculous hat while you were slapping the paparazzo. Then you also twitter that the paparazzo egged you on. I don't doubt that, but everyone knows about the paparazzo. It comes with fame. Period. So stop being such a baby and either punch them or play nice with them.

As a gay man...this is yet another reason to be embarrassed that Mr. Lambert is gay.

Old News..but I just read about it

Paris Hilton does not have to do jail time.

I assume the last time that bitch did jail time it was waaaay too traumatic for her. And God forbid she follow the rules like the rest of us poor people. If time travel were possible, I'd hire someone to go back and donkey kick her mother so the world would be spared of her offspring. it Paris' fault for being the way she is, or did her parent's fail? Hmm. Reminds me of The Breakfast Club (paraphrasing): "You don't matter in this school. If you vanished no one would care." I mean she got famous for having sex, filming it, and then *oopsie* leaking it to the world. Now she remains famous because she gets caught with drugs. Real stars have a drug lackey to carry their stuff so when they do get pulled over they don't get caught. Is Daddy leaving her the keys to the kingdom? I sure hope not. If her personal life is remotely close to how she'd run the business...let's just say she'd sleep with everyone on the board, film it, and then on the way to drop it to a news station get pulled over with cocaine stains on her nose and tell the police: "Oh, no, officer...that cocaine on my nostril is not's a friend's."

And I'm betting she still wouldn't serve a sentence.