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Friday, August 13, 2010

Driving...and those who suck at it.


Yes you!

Put down your effing cell phone and pay attention to the road.
And don't you dare give me a dirty look because your stupid ass almost plowed into my car because you were too intent on texting or talking to another idiot that probably almost ran into someone else on the other end.

What could be so damned important that you will risk your life, your children's lives, your significant other's life? Please explain. Talking to your friend that you are speeding to meet with? Talking to a family member, explaining that you will be five minutes late? (You'll be later than that if you hit my car, dumb ass) Retrieving the email that will give you extra gas on your Farmville game?

Here's the deal.

Some people can multitask, and most people cannot. As with anything, if reading this pisses you probably can't multitask worth a shit and one day you are going to maim or kill someone. And then like the d-bag you are, you will say "why do things like this happen?" Because you are an idiot.

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