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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Big or Small, Lies are Lies

When I was a child I was told a lie.  No one meant for it to be a lie, but in the end it was.  You can be whatever you want.  Now, my limited number of readers thus far, I agree with this lie, but what makes it a lie is the second part of this equation is always omitted: One must strive against adversity--our closest will always try to talk us out of our dreams and goals.  Always.  Our parents, siblings, family, friends, wives, husbands and more shall always give us the "sane perspective" wrapped in good intentions, laced with jealousy of their own dreams tucked neatly away in a box, never to be acted upon again.  They do not mean to project, but they do and it is not right, it is not the correct thing to do to their loved ones.  "I'm only trying to protect you," comes into play.  Protect us from what?  Protect us from a situation in which they found themselves in when they were not talented or did not have the drive to continue?  Or protect from their ignorant fears of what it is we wish to accomplish?  Let them live in their dejection and let it not affect your life.  Now, this being said, make sure your dreams, if related to talent, can cater to your true talent.  No one wants to see or hear another William Hung.

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