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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Twilight's Main Actors

So, I guess it is non-pc if we call female actors actresses, hence the title...although getting older I still look at this Blog's title and I writing about a gay romance? Anyway.

Okay. I'm at some grocery store, looking for the longest line to wait in, because it's easier than finding the shortest-even in the express line (since the general public thinks that 21 items is 20 items) and I find the tabloid story about the main people who act in the movie Twilight: characters Edward and Bella...umm real names...Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They are unhappy, moving in together, going to get married, and somehow she is going to ruin his career.

Can I just say...

I think they are sharing the same hair stylist...who obviously hates them both...and wants to ruin both their careers. But seriously...have you seen their hair? many times have you seen this in real life? Girl A falls in love with Boy A, they work together, live together, and then break up-causing everyone who works in the same company extremely uncomfortable because they are also immature together. The cliche is don't eat where you poop for a reason: it tastes like shit.

Now, normally outrageous threats fall on deaf ears because who out there can really destroy someone's career, or the other person's life, or the other person's car and get away with it? Hrm...I may have to take that back since Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez burned down that guy's house and she suffered an untimely death...or did she? Anyway, the more money one has doesn't necessarily excuse them from acting a fool...if anything, it eggs them on, and we mere mortals sit back clucking our tongues saying "They seemed so good together!" The man-boy is 24 years old and the girl-woman is freakin 20. I don't know them personally, and neither does most of the planet, but I look back on my life and during those years I was a mess: homeless by choice (but still found a way to go out and party), jobless by choice (donating plasma was a more than appropriate method of income!), and relationship-retarded (I had a bad childhood :P). Oh! I was also a Drama Queen! But I was unpaid. The similarities are staggering, except I was broke and no one cares one bit about a broke Drama Queen that acted better than those two, two-dimensional actors. And the tabloids rant about how their off camera romance parallels their movie romance. Sooooo...that means to me they should take the disco ball down from their bedroom and she should stop trying to sleep with dogs...ew.

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